Breaking the Cycle of Doom

By Steve Louis You know the drill.  A recession comes out of nowhere and in order to survive, businesses are forced to slash expenses, with layoffs being the first of many painful budget cuts. Now all of a sudden the firm is understaffed which forces the remaining employees to perform dual roles, causing them to

Car Repairs, UGH | Mission Matters

Nobody gets excited about taking their car to the shop, unless you are lucky enough to have a project car that is being restored.  Ahhh, wouldn’t that be nice?  Back to reality, most of us have a car that we use daily to get kids to and from school and activities and get ourselves to

Small Business Success in 2021 with Quality Assurance & Quality Management

Small Businesses have suffered so greatly in the economic shutdown of 2020 resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is NO surprise to anyone. The average business owner has little power to impact national policy and has impact on turning the economic tides. So what is a small business owner supposed to do? Fascinating information from 2018.

#QualityMatters – Simon Sinek & Start with Why

#QualityMatters – Simon Sinek & Start with Why
#QualityMatters podcast sponsored by Texas Quality Assurance LLC and hosted by our very own Darci and Kyle Chambers. Darci and Kyle have long been fans of the work of Simon Sinek and of course “Start with Why“. Need less to say, his work has influenced a number of episodes on the #QualityMatters podcast. So be sure to tune in, check it out and get back to doing work that matters!

Orkin Does it Right

I probably need to reread the definition of favorite because everyone of these case studies seems to be my favorite.  Anytime a company has an ISO 9001 success story and has the numbers to back it up, I love it! I especially like this case study on Orkin because they did things wrong and they

You Are Not Alone in Poor Customer Service

Nanni was not happy.  He paid a deposit on some copper ingots from a merchant, Ea-nasir, that he had purchased from previously.  Upon receipt of the ingots, Nanni was displeased with the quality.  The tablet pictured below was chiseled out by Nanni after other attempts to get his deposit back.  He sent messengers several times

[…] doesn’t kill people | Culture Kills People

Leadership and worker participation It doesn’t matter what you fill in as the blank in that statement, culture kills people.  I’ve known this for years, having spent nearly a decade in Health & Safety, but got to see it first hand in a recent audit.  That does NOT for one second discount people’s individual choices

What is Quality Management? | How do I “get” ISO 9001?

I’m Kyle Chambers.  I’m the founder and owner operator of Texas Quality Assurance.  I get asked by friends and family frequently about what I do..  I tell them Quality Management (Auditing, Consulting and Software Development) most commonly dealing with ISO 9001 ( I end it there, 18001, 14001, API, that will just muddy the conversational

OSHA’s Revised Rule for Reporting of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Guest blogger today.  Pat Patterson it’s LAAP. OSHA’s Revised Rule for Reporting of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Year-end 2017 companies in certain industries are required to send, electronically, their accident and illness data (OSHA 300 and/or 300A) to OSHA. This has been getting a LOT of attention. However, the more urgent concern that was established