Welcome to Texas Quality Assurance, where unparalleled expertise meets the unique needs of the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors in Texas. As leaders in quality management and compliance consulting, we are dedicated to providing robust solutions that drive success and sustainability. Whether you're navigating the complexities of oil field operations, manufacturing solar cells, or installing wind turbines, our comprehensive services ensure excellence at every step.

Our Expertise:

  • Oil & Gas Compliance Solutions: Dive deep into our specialized services designed for the demanding world of oil and gas, including field service quality assurance, heat treat facility compliance, and gas turbine quality management. Our tailored strategies ensure your operations are safe, efficient, and compliant with the latest industry standards.
  • Renewable Energy Solutuiuibs: Explore our commitment to renewable energy through targeted compliance consulting and quality assurance services. From the manufacture of solar cells to the installation of turbine blades, we support the entire lifecycle of renewable energy projects, ensuring they meet rigorous quality and environmental standards.

Training & Education: Leverage the power of knowledge with TQA-U, Texas Quality Assurance University. Our educational platform offers a range of courses, including Internal Auditing, and an API Q1 transition guide, all designed to elevate your team's expertise in quality management and compliance.

Why Choose Us? Texas Quality Assurance stands out for its practical experience, technology-driven solutions, and commitment to simple yet effective compliance strategies. Our team of experts is equipped with real-world knowledge to support your quality and compliance needs, ensuring you're well-positioned to power the world’s future.

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