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Is a Second Party Internal Audit a fit for you?

Texas Quality Assurance's team of certified Lead Auditors are here to partner with you for your Internal Audit.  We most commonly audit small business for ISO 9001 Internal Audit and/or API Q1 Internal Audit but also are here to for EMS, OHS, or Oil & Gas.  Save time and energy when you outsource your Internal Audit to our team of trained and highly experienced experts.

Our team at Texas Quality Assurance is here to ensure you Internal Audit is comprehensive, thorough and efficient.  A quality Internal Audit is key to a successful external / certification audit. We provide a free review of Corrective Action reports within 60 days of submission of the audit report.

Key Benefits to an Internal Audit with Texas Quality Assurance include:

  1. Objectivity – no more worrying about “not auditing your own work”
  2. Expert Knowledge – it’s our full time job to know the standards and how to help you work within them
  3. Lower Business Impact – Our auditors can conduct your audit in a fraction of the time with greater efficiency than a traditional self-audit
  4. Lower Employment Costs – second party internal audits remove the need to hire and staff lead auditors, leave it to the experts at TQA

Process Based Internal Audit

Texas Quality Assurance believes a Process Based Internal Audit is the easiest approach.  We subscribe to the tried and true plan, do, check, act process.  Through a process audit, we are better able to identify required inputs, compared to outputs, that are checked against pre-defined measures and objectives.

According to ISO 9001, your internal audit should at a minimum evaluate:

  1. Conformity of products and services
  2. The degree of customer satisfaction
  3. The performance and effectiveness of the quality management system
  4. If planning has been implemented effectively
  5. The effectiveness of actions taken to address risks and opportunities
  6. The performance of external providers
  7.  The need for improvements to the quality management system

Learn more about the standards we support

ISO 9001 | QMS Audit - The world's most common and widely used Quality Management System

ISO 14001 |EMS Audit - Environmental Management Systems, built on the same ANNEX SL platform as ISO 9001. Auditing against TCEQ and EPA requirements.

ISO 45001 | OHS Audit - Occupational Health & Safety Management System built on the same ANNEX SL platform as ISO 9001. Auditing against OSHA 1910, 1926 and PSM requirements.

ISO 13485 | Medical Device QMS - Quality Management System for the Medical Device industry focusing on the needs for additional validation activities.

API Q1 & API Q2 | Oil & Gas QA Audit - American Petroleum Institute Q1 and Q2 standards are the most common for oil field service providers in the United States.  In addition to Q1 & Q2 we are prepared to assist with a wide range of design specifications.

Get Certified

Ready to get certified, but not sure where to turn?  We have great relationships with several Certification Bodies and are happy to offer an unbiased advice on where to turn and what to do.  Contact us to find out more.

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