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We believe getting certified to standards such as API Q1 and ISO 9001 should be easy and accessible to all businesses that need it to be competitive and maintain customers.  TQA provides personal services for your business that meets the needs of your process and your people.  Our team is here to work with you and your team to build a management system focused on what we term the “minimum viable process” so you can maintain a lean and smooth operation.

Compliance Consultation can be completed in a little as 30 days!

Business leaders have two main roles-working on the big picture projects that keep the needle moving and all the time-consuming tasks that keep your wheels spinning.  Your quality, safety and environmental certifications should add value to those roles without taking time away.  We help you get the certifications you need to keep and gain new clients, establish SOP that reflects them, and leverage current technology.  Bottom line, no surprise slow downs with the support you need for your business, your process, and your people.

We have a three phase approach to consultation:

Phase 1: Compliance Consultation
Phase 2: Implementation and Support
Phase 3: Internal Audit and Management Review

TQA Cloud QMS Software Access for 3 months FREE is now included in all Compliance Consultation.

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Phase 1: Compliance Consultation

All Compliance Consultations begin with a GAP Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation to tailor documentation to your business, processes, and people. Following the GAP Assessment, our team of experts will complete the management system Documentation Development; including management system-level procedures, Manual, Policy, and Objectives

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Phase 2: Implementation & Support

Following the compliance consultation phase, we embark on the crucial Implementation and Support phase, tailored to ensure the seamless integration of our solutions into your business operations. Implementation and Support plans are developed uniquely for each client to meet the needs of the business and budget. Our team will work collaboratively with yours to ensure your management system is effectively implemented.

Quality Management Compliance (ISO 9001 and API Q1)

Implementation and support include activities such as establishing the Approved Supplier List, Training for Nonconformance & Corrective Action Reporting, integration of pre-existing documented information, etc... The goal is that your team is up and running with as much or as little support is required.

Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)

Implementation and support include activities such as employee safety training, walk-throughs, and assessments, development of mitigation plans for legal requirements, training leadership on accident investigation and OSHA reporting requirements.

Health and Safety (ISO 45001)

Implementation and support include activities such as stream disposal support and guidance, establishing reporting plans and structures, and employee training including required release reporting and understanding of legal requirements. Additional support for city, state, and national reporting is available through one of our strategic industrial solutions partners.

This phase is designed to provide a smooth transition and robust support, ensuring that your organization fully benefits from our expertise.

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Phase 3: Internal Audit & Management Review

As your organization approaches the certification audit for ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, it's crucial to undertake a comprehensive compliance assessment. This phase is pivotal, ensuring your management systems align with the stringent requirements of these standards.

Internal Audit: Your Pathway to Excellence

Our internal audit process is designed to be thorough and insightful. It serves as a critical tool in identifying not just areas of compliance, but also opportunities for significant improvement. This audit scrutinizes every aspect of your operations, pinpointing areas needing more attention before the certification audit. By doing so, we ensure that your organization isn't just meeting the standards, but excelling in them.

Corrective actions: post internal audit

Post-internal audit, we issue corrective actions, setting the stage for a focused management review and paving the way for enhanced compliance. The Corrective Actions will include plans for corrective action and plans for verification of effectiveness. We provide a free review for Corrective Action results within 60 days of the internal audit.

Management Review: The Capstone Event

The management review marks the culmination of the consultation process. This is where strategic decisions are made, based on the insights gathered during the internal audit. It's an opportunity for top management to engage directly with the findings and to chart a course for continuous improvement. This review not only facilitates compliance but also fosters a culture of excellence, positioning your organization as a leader in occupational health and safety, and environmental management.

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