By integrating our consultation services with TQA Cloud, we provide a superior and more cost-effective solution with faster turnaround times. This ensures that we can support your business processes and personnel efficiently and effectively.

Jump Start Consultation Package

We believe getting certified to standards such as API Q1 and ISO 9001 should be easy and accessible to all businesses that need it to be competitive and maintain customers.  TQA provides personal services for your business that meets the needs of your process and your people.  Our team is here to work with you and your team to build a management system focused on what we term the “minimum viable process” so you can maintain a lean and smooth operation.

Compliance Consultation can be completed in a little as 30 days!

Business leaders have two main roles-working on the big picture projects that keep the needle moving and all the time-consuming tasks that keep your wheels spinning.  Your quality, safety and environmental certifications should add value to those roles without taking time away.  We help you get the certifications you need to keep and gain new clients, establish SOP that reflects them, and leverage current technology.  Bottom line, no surprise slow downs with the support you need for your business, your process, and your people.

Compliance Consultation | Key Features

All Compliance Consultations begin with a GAP Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation to tailor documentation to your business, processes, and people. Following the GAP Assessment, our team of experts will complete the management system Documentation Development; including management system-level procedures, Manual, Policy, and Objectives.

The Jump Start Consultation Package is designed to provide a comprehensive development of your management system. This package includes the creation of required process procedures, manuals, policy, and objectives, fully integrated with our TQA Cloud QMS software.

Key Features

  • Management System Development: Tailored creation of all necessary documentation and procedures to meet compliance standards.
  • Integrated TQA Cloud QMS: Utilize TQA Cloud's features like document control for automatic version history and approval processes, non-conformance reporting, and supplier approval integration.
  • E1 Entry-Level Subscription: Every package includes at least an E1 entry-level subscription to TQA Cloud, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced consultation quality.

Project Timeline

  • 30-Day Project Duration: The consultation process starts with an initial gap assessment to identify and integrate existing business practices and best practices with management system requirements.
  • Gap Assessment: Maintain your current procedures and work instructions while ensuring they meet compliance standards.


  • Base Package: $6,750
  • Additional Standards: $3,000 per standard

Add-On Services

  • Job Descriptions: $75 each
  • Procedure Development: $200 per safety program (e.g., ISO 45001 compliance)
  • Supplier List Upload: $750 for up to 100 suppliers
  • Org Chart Development: $250
  • Waste Stream Classification: $500 per waste stream (excludes lab work/analytics)
  • Ad Hoc Services: $1,500 per day (e.g., lockout/tagout procedures, training materials, QMS records upload, site/group training, transition assistance)

Low Engagement Implementation

  • On-Site Setup and Training: $2950 and includes establishment of critical site lists and a day of on-site setup and training.
  • Additional Training Included: 4 hours of dedicated site training within 60 days of TQA Cloud deployment.

TQA Cloud Integration Benefits

By integrating our consultation services with TQA Cloud, we provide a superior and more cost-effective solution with faster turnaround times. This ensures that we can support your business processes and personnel efficiently and effectively.

Implementation and Ongoing Support

Comprehensive Support Options

At Texas Quality Assurance, we understand that effective implementation and ongoing support are crucial for maintaining quality and compliance. We offer flexible support options tailored to your specific needs.

Ad Hoc Consultation Support

  • One-Time Services: Our ad hoc consultation support provides you with one-time services designed to address specific issues or needs as they arise. This flexible approach ensures you get the exact support you need, when you need it.

Fractional Quality Management Program

  • Ongoing Support: For businesses seeking continual support, we offer our Fractional Quality Management Program. This program provides ongoing implementation support on a 3-month contract basis, giving you access to our expertise and resources over a longer period.
  • Customizable Packages: Tailor the level of support to fit your business needs, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance necessary to maintain compliance and improve quality processes.

Get in Touch

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  • Additional Details: Explore more here at for more information. Let us help you save time and energy for what matters most.

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