#QualityMatters – Simon Sinek & Start with Why

#QualityMatters – Simon Sinek & Start with Why
#QualityMatters podcast sponsored by Texas Quality Assurance LLC and hosted by our very own Darci and Kyle Chambers. Darci and Kyle have long been fans of the work of Simon Sinek and of course “Start with Why“. Need less to say, his work has influenced a number of episodes on the #QualityMatters podcast. So be sure to tune in, check it out and get back to doing work that matters!

Competence Training & Awareness – Tips & Tricks

Competence, Training, Awareness…. Organizational Knowledge too? When compared to the ISO 9001:2008 standard the requirement in ISO 9001:2015 is more heavily weighted towards Competence.  In facilities, where competence is often based on compliance to a WPS or ASNT training, along with standard common in house training such as Control of Nonconforming Outputs some simple systems

[…] doesn’t kill people | Culture Kills People

Leadership and worker participation It doesn’t matter what you fill in as the blank in that statement, culture kills people.  I’ve known this for years, having spent nearly a decade in Health & Safety, but got to see it first hand in a recent audit.  That does NOT for one second discount people’s individual choices

What is Quality Management? | How do I “get” ISO 9001?

I’m Kyle Chambers.  I’m the founder and owner operator of Texas Quality Assurance.  I get asked by friends and family frequently about what I do..  I tell them Quality Management (Auditing, Consulting and Software Development) most commonly dealing with ISO 9001 ( I end it there, 18001, 14001, API, that will just muddy the conversational

Competence and Training | ISO 9001 | OSHA | ISO 14001

Competence and Training In general, the standard states that “Personnel……shall be competent…”, which is a bit of simple, isn’t it?  Perhaps not.  You must ensure everyone has been trained according to a pre-defined matrix of sorts, evaluate competence, and then ensure everyone has been trained according to the plan you set forth.  Very similar to