What is an Interested Party Anyways…?

Interested Parties, what ISO 9001:2015 says The ISO 9001:2015 edition of the standard requires organizations to identify their interested parities and determine their impact on their ability to provide products and services that meet most all applicable requirements.  Most people at first read interested parties and think, “that’s just a bunch of fluff” or “we

[…] doesn’t kill people | Culture Kills People

Leadership and worker participation It doesn’t matter what you fill in as the blank in that statement, culture kills people.  I’ve known this for years, having spent nearly a decade in Health & Safety, but got to see it first hand in a recent audit.  That does NOT for one second discount people’s individual choices

What is Quality Management? | How do I “get” ISO 9001?

I’m Kyle Chambers.  I’m the founder and owner operator of Texas Quality Assurance.  I get asked by friends and family frequently about what I do..  I tell them Quality Management (Auditing, Consulting and Software Development) most commonly dealing with ISO 9001 ( I end it there, 18001, 14001, API, that will just muddy the conversational

Texas Quality Assurance – our roots

For those that don’t know me, I’m Kyle Chambers, Founder of Texas Quality Assurance. I’ve lived my entire life in Texas, raised in the small town of Italy Texas, pronounced “It-Ly” for those of you that don’t know. My degree is in Management Information Systems, I got my CompTIA A+ certification in the 8th grade,

Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

#18 Oil and Gas HSE Podcast: Quality Management Systems and Eliminating Endless Paperwork https://oilandgashse.com/quality-management-systems/ We spent some time with Kyle Chambers and Chad Henry of Texas Quality Assurance talking about quality management systems and how you can eliminate a vast majority of the paperwork associated to HSE in your business. Learn how software can help streamline your processes, reduce the amount of

OSHA’s Revised Rule for Reporting of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Guest blogger today.  Pat Patterson it’s LAAP. OSHA’s Revised Rule for Reporting of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Year-end 2017 companies in certain industries are required to send, electronically, their accident and illness data (OSHA 300 and/or 300A) to OSHA. This has been getting a LOT of attention. However, the more urgent concern that was established

Software to help you with OHSAS

Occupational Health & Safety Management Software

Occupational Health & Safety Management Software ISO 45001 and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) Before Texas Quality Assurance I worked as a Quality,Health, Safety, Environment manager (QHSE).  In that role I was solely responsible for all OH&S duties and responsibilities.  Early in my career as the QHSE manager I found myself inundated with