Before we dive into the purpose of a Quality Management System, we should probably define what a QMS is.  In defining what a QMS is, we will likely touch on the purpose of a Quality Management System. When quality management folks talk about a Quality Management System (and Lord bless you if you get them

How to Standardize the fundamental QMS tools for operational excellence (NCR/CARs)

The Value of well-defined NCR and CAR Author – Chad Henry | Account Manager Texas Quality Assurance Introduction to NCR’s “Nonconformance Reports” & CAR’s “Corrective Action Reports” When it comes to operational excellence, fundamentals of QMS “Quality Management System” are critical. I would argue that nonconformities and corrective actions are the foundations of an effective

Car Repairs, UGH | Mission Matters

Nobody gets excited about taking their car to the shop, unless you are lucky enough to have a project car that is being restored.  Ahhh, wouldn’t that be nice?  Back to reality, most of us have a car that we use daily to get kids to and from school and activities and get ourselves to

Small Business Success in 2021 with Quality Assurance & Quality Management

Small Businesses have suffered so greatly in the economic shutdown of 2020 resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is NO surprise to anyone. The average business owner has little power to impact national policy and has impact on turning the economic tides. So what is a small business owner supposed to do? Fascinating information from 2018.

Texas Quality Assurance – our roots

For those that don’t know me, I’m Kyle Chambers, Founder of Texas Quality Assurance. I’ve lived my entire life in Texas, raised in the small town of Italy Texas, pronounced “It-Ly” for those of you that don’t know. My degree is in Management Information Systems, I got my CompTIA A+ certification in the 8th grade,

Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

#18 Oil and Gas HSE Podcast: Quality Management Systems and Eliminating Endless Paperwork https://oilandgashse.com/quality-management-systems/ We spent some time with Kyle Chambers and Chad Henry of Texas Quality Assurance talking about quality management systems and how you can eliminate a vast majority of the paperwork associated to HSE in your business. Learn how software can help streamline your processes, reduce the amount of