Before we dive into the purpose of a Quality Management System, we should probably define what a QMS is.  In defining what a QMS is, we will likely touch on the purpose of a Quality Management System. When quality management folks talk about a Quality Management System (and Lord bless you if you get them

ISO 9001 Clauses Explained – 8.7 Control of nonconforming outputs

In this post “ISO 9001 Clauses Explained” we dive into Control of Nonconforming Outputs. CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING OUTPUTS (Consider reading HOW TO STANDARDIZE THE FUNDAMENTAL QMS TOOLS FOR OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE) Control of nonconforming outputs can be viewed and several different lights. For instance, if we’re looking strictly at the quality of our products or services

ISO 9001 CLAUSES EXPLAINED – 5.2 Policy & 6.2 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them

In this post “ISO 9001 Clauses Explained” we dive into Quality Policy & Objectives. POLICIES & OBJECTIVES The management system policy is affectively the mission statement of the company if it were written by a lawyer. By that, I mean the mission statement ought to convey the purpose of this management system clearly. It ought

ISO 9001 CLAUSES EXPLAINED – 4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

In this post “ISO 9001 Clauses Explained” we dive into Interested Parties. 4.2 Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties Interested Parties is a relatively new term to our management systems, but again a very old concept that we’re all very familiar with. An interested party is oftentimes a useful catch all term when

ISO 9001 Clauses Explained – 7.5 Documented Information

7.5 Documented Information | CONTROL OF DOCUMENTED INFORMATION In this post “ISO 9001 Clauses Explained” we dive into Documented information, arguably at the core of any effective management system. Documented information includes not only our documents, but also our records. There are many types of documents and many types of records, but with a simple

How to Standardize the fundamental QMS tools for operational excellence (NCR/CARs)

The Value of well-defined NCR and CAR Author – Chad Henry | Account Manager Texas Quality Assurance Introduction to NCR’s “Nonconformance Reports” & CAR’s “Corrective Action Reports” When it comes to operational excellence, fundamentals of QMS “Quality Management System” are critical. I would argue that nonconformities and corrective actions are the foundations of an effective

Breaking the Cycle of Doom

By Steve Louis You know the drill.  A recession comes out of nowhere and in order to survive, businesses are forced to slash expenses, with layoffs being the first of many painful budget cuts. Now all of a sudden the firm is understaffed which forces the remaining employees to perform dual roles, causing them to

Biblical lessons for business

One of the sermons at church recently caught my attention, as they often do.  This was unusual because it was a Sunday when there was no kids’ service and Kyle was helping with the AV.  This left me to contend with our three children during service which means I’m usually not able to listen well.