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ISO 45001 and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001)

Before Texas Quality Assurance I worked as a Quality,Health, Safety, Environment manager (QHSE).  In that role I was solely responsible for all OH&S duties and responsibilities.  Early in my career as the QHSE manager I found myself inundated with training requirements, audio-grams that needed review, producers to update and track, tool box talks to deliver to shop leadership, and the list goes on and on.  If you are among the elite that have been tasked with the health and safety of your company’s employees then you know the struggle I’m referring to.  At the end of the day the weight of an HSE manager is not only to protect the safety of the employees but the livelihood of each family who has someone working there.  A bad OSHA rate can cost your company millions of dollars and lay offs. Or, even worse, an employee that loses the ability to earn the same income he once did, affecting that family forever. It is something every QHSE manager has to take seriously.

It’s hard to give each employee the one on one attention they need when the paperwork you are keeping up with is piled high on your desk.  Let’s not forget about the 2 am phone call that Jeff needs to suit up for a field job and you have to cross check his training record against the matrix to make sure he meets the plant’s minimum requirements. This is all three hours before coffee pot kicks off, as well as your alarm.

Little by little the ground work of what would become Texas Quality Cloud began to develop.

First I dismantled my 122 page Safety Manual into about 30 separate procedures.  Now I needed to keep track of the procedures revision and approval status in order to stay compliant to our quality system.  This soon turned into a network file share with at least 100 documents, keeping records of each revision, draft, final.  It was a mess. Imagine trying to sort a pile of spaghetti and trying to trace which noodle to file where. When did it point there? And does it still point there now?

Second, keeping track of training for more than 100 employees, across 40 different trainings & certifications that connected almost 10 different departments was an absolute nightmare. It started with printing the training matrix. Then, opening the Excel spreadsheet for that employee’s trainings and one by one cross checking the dates and the retrain intervals to see if the employee in question was up to date or not.  Let’s not forget the struggle between operations and safety.  Safety wants to train as many people as possible, but operations needs as many people on the floor or revenue falls. Now it takes an hour or two to create a list of “only the employees needing training.”  You begin to lose precious instruction time and time that could have been better spent making actual revenue dollars for the company.

Third, I struggled keeping track of the many incident rates, DART, OHSA recoverables, Lost Time, etc. The last straw was when because of a fumble on the calculator on a “last minute hot job” where two of our employees onsite got pulled off the job for 6 hours because of my mistake. This was not something I wanted to repeat ever again.

So by now you might be wondering what I did to solve these problems.  Well I developed IMS cloud, at least an early version of it to track my OH&S management system. In addition to QMS and OH&S and Environmental, I have more than a decade experience in Information Technology.  What is a Geek turned Safety Manager supposed to do other than build a tool to save me time and energy? Truth be told I’m not sure how much longer my wife and kids would have put up with my hours either, going in early and coming home later every day.

Texas Quality Cloud is a one stop shop for all your compliance needs. Texas Quality Cloud is a cloud based software that will not only keep track of all your documents, versions, permissions, etc, but is a full content management suite. We have developed a one of a kind tool for tracking trainings. It’s easier for you to just watch our demo below than for me to type out another 20 lines to explain it to you in detail. Essentially what used to take me an hour at 2 am, can now be done by the VP of Ops within 2 clicks without ever giving me a call in the first place.  How great is that?  We’ve even plugged all the OSHA calculations into a tool that will keep track of it all for you.  Two clicks and you can see who hasn’t been trained. Allowing you to minimize labor off the shop floor. This is key in filling out those 20 page long vendor pre-qualifications, or that “last minute hot job”.  At the end of day it’s about saving time for your business, and for you.

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