One of the sermons at church recently caught my attention, as they often do.  This was unusual because it was a Sunday when there was no kids’ service and Kyle was helping with the AV.  This left me to contend with our three children during service which means I’m usually not able to listen well.  However, the kids were being pretty ok and our minister, Mike, said usually when you hear something that you think is important, you tend to remember where you were and who said it.

He went on to describe the situation of where he was and who told him.  The key was any good business defines goals, roles, and responsibilities.  This seems simple enough and I would venture a guess that many large-scale operations have well defined goals, roles, and responsibilities.  Take Amazon or Walmart for example, I doubt they would be so successful without these things defined and known by their employee.

Let’s look at each of these words.  Goal is defined as the end toward which effort is directed.  Role is defined as a function or part performed especially in a particular operation or process.  Responsibility is defined as something for which one is responsible…. ok so that one is not the best definition, but you get the idea.

We, at TQA, have some goals defined.  We know we want to save others time and energy for what matters most.  We want to simply QMS for you and your company.  Most people go into business knowing what they want to do but jumping in without defined roles and responsibilities can stall your growth.  It’s hard to do when you’re small because all the responsibility falls on you as the owner. 

The goal, I think, is to slow down the start of the business, start with the end in mind, know where you want to go and work backwards.  Use your end goal to develop all the roles you will need in your business, then develop responsibilities for each of those roles.  Doing this will keep more focused and instead of working just to make money, you are working towards a goal of hiring people for these roles. 

If you are a small business owner and have not yet created your goals for the life of your business, I encourage you to do so.  Then, use that to create roles and responsibilities.  Help yourself grow your business.

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