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 Free copy of ISO procedure: Documented Information Procedure

ISO 9001:2015 allows an organization flexibility in the way it chooses to document its quality management system (QMS). With Texas Quality Assurance’s Free Control of Documented Information Procedure this enables each individual organization to determine the correct amount of documented information needed in order to demonstrate the effective planning, operation and control of its processes and the implementation and continual improvement of the effectiveness of its QMS.

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Free ISO 9001 Control of Documented Information Procedure

ISO 9001:2015 Requirements for Documented Information

ISO 9001:2015 Documentation Requirements ISO 9001:2015 clause 4.4 Quality management systems and its processes requires an organization to “maintain documented information to the extent necessary to support the operation of processes and retain documented information to the extent necessary to have confident that the processes are being carried out as planned.”   Clause 7.5.1 General explains that the quality management system documentation shall include:

  • documented information required by this International standard;
  • documented information determined by the organization as being necessary for the effectiveness of the quality management system   The note after this Clause make it clear that the extent of the QMS documented information can differ from one organization to another due to the:
  • size of organization and its type of activities, processes, products and services;
  • complexity of  processes and their interactions,
  • competence of persons.

All the documented information that forms part of the QMS has to be controlled in accordance with clause 7.5 Documented information.

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Cloud Based Document Control

Far too often we see organizations struggling with maintaining efficient document control.  Network files shares, binders, carbon paper, repeated scanning and stamping multiple prints, these are all tools that have been available for 20+ years.  The signifigant changes made to Documented Information in the 2015 edition of ISO 9001 were in large developed to account for electronic and cloud based management of your documents, records, approval processes and flows… Take moment and learn more about what cloud based QMS Software, like TQA Cloud can do for you

Texas Quality Assurance is happy to provide you with this FREE procedure “ISO 9001 Free Control of Documented Information Procedure“.  We are happy to provide these free of charge for you.  Its our mission to save you time and energy managing your QMS for what matters most, be it a passion project at the office, or just getting home in time for the little league game.

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This procedure meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for documented information.  Documented information has replaced what most companies have a Control of Records and Control of Documents procedure for.

1  Purpose
This procedure has been established to describe the process for controlling Documented Information.

2 Scope

The scope of this this procedure applies to the all documents that directly affect product quality.
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